Programmatic monetization platform for AR & VR

London based Admix is a monetisation platform for AR and VR, empowering developers to generate revenue from content through non-intrusive, programmatic advertising.  It is already working with over a hundred VR/AR developers to insert ad units and product placements into their content.  Admix’s unique capabilities include automating the buying and selling of ads using real time bidding to large demand platforms such as Oath, the parent company of Yahoo and AOL, to generate instant and continuous revenue for developers.  For advertisers, Admix is the only programmatic route to VR and AR, enabling them to use familiar targeting tools to reach a new audience via a new channel.  Admix uses proprietary gaze-tracking algorithms to validate impressions, whilst maintaining anonymity to comply with the new GDPR regulations.

Admix operates in a fast-growing sector; Digi-capital, a leading Silicon Valley based AR/VR adviser, estimates that over 500 million people will consume VR and AR content in the next five years. Currently, developers have limited options to monetise their content; the few solutions that exist are intrusive and not adapted to VR/AR.  Admix aims to create the infrastructure to power a new kind of advertising that respects the users and creates a sustainable economy for developers.






Samuel Huber