Nova Leah

Nova Leah


Cybersecurity risk management compliance solutions for medical devices

Founded by Anita Finnegan, an internationally recognised expert in the field of medical device cybersecurity, Nova Leah specialises in developing cybersecurity risk management compliance solutions for the medical device domain. Its first offering, SelectEvidence®, improves the security of connected medical devices and patient safety, and reduces both the costs associated with new cybersecurity regulatory requirements and the likelihood of product recalls and related lawsuits.  The system accurately tracks risks for each device, highlights known vulnerabilities, recommends solutions, provides a feedback mechanism between manufacturers and hospitals and does so within a fully traceable framework.

Connected/IoT medical devices represent a rapidly growing sector in healthcare with an ever-expanding array of devices including insulin pumps, pacemakers, infusion devices, syringe pumps, nurses’ workstations, imaging devices; these are all at risk of being targeted by malicious individuals.  Regulation in the sector is therefore tightening, with the US Food and Drugs Administration and European regulators insisting that manufacturers mitigate risk by increasing security and calling on medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers to adapt a collaborative approach to managing the security of devices from development, implementation, operation through to retirement.  In line with this, cybersecurity spend in the healthcare sector is anticipated to grow from the current $5.5 billion annually to $11 billion by 2020.

Funding will enable the team to expand, further develop product roadmap and build profile.



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