The Next Evolution In Fleet & Driver Management

The leader in CameraMatics solutions for commercial fleets, ProVision delivers products that allow fleet managers to reduce fleet risk, increase driver safety and comply with growing governance and compliance regulations.
The world of fleet management has changed to one where managing risk and meeting compliance needs presents a greater burden to fleets than logistics and efficiencies. Provision Cameramatics adds an additional, and currently missing, layer of data to fleet and driver management – that missing data is video. In our view, ProVision goes beyond the traditional ‘dumb’ camera systems available today.

ProVision has merged 4 key technologies: video input systems (cameras and scanners), smart processing systems, communications systems and unique algorithmic IP to deliver intelligent driver and fleet safety systems. Find out more at
The founders, Mervyn O’Callaghan and Simon Murray have decades of fleet and fleet technology experience. They built Edrive Group to a company installing over 12,000 telematics systems per month before its sale in 2016, allowing them to focus on the growing vehicle CCTV and video data opportunity.


Dartford (UK) and Dublin (Ireland)




Simon Murray and Mervyn O'Callaghan